SPA & Wellness project planning and development

Spa and wellness consultancy for hospitality businesses seeking to enter and grow in the expanding wellness market.

Wellness project planning

Wellness project planning

Our experienced team provides Wellness project planning and creativity to develop unique SPA, that will turn an ordinary Wellness experience into one that is distinctive and an attractive destination.

Sometimes we are not even aware of how Wellness & SPA center affecting on hotel’s reputation, especially if the hotel plans to be a desirable destination during the off-season. But it is very important to point out that if the Wellness project is not designed to the highest standards, then the opposite effect is created, the hotel loses its attractiveness.

Today’s trends require high standards when it comes to Wellness. Wellness is much more than a just couple of saunas and pools, guests today are looking for wow effect and they recognize the quality.

Everywhere in the world, there is a bunch of insignificant Wellness & SPA content that is not aligned with the vision and strategy of the hotel, the environment, the competition and the new trends in tourism. Usually, these hotels have improvised Wellness solutions but don’t think the guests don’t see it and aren’t aware of it. We have been working with various hotels for almost 20 years and we are witnessing the consequence of improvisation and clumsy Wellness planning. Such hotels, unfortunately, very often are unable to keep up with the growing competition.

Healthiness & SPA vision

Wellness project planning, why is important?

First of all. In order for your project to succeed, wellness project planning must be in line with the vision of the hotel. Therefore, only with such an approach can you be assured that your hotel will keep up with the competition and hospitality trends. Above all, knowing how to plan the wellness & spa zones, the volume of space, planning facility content, business profitability, innovative interior design and trends in therapy and medical tourism, can only be provided only by specialized specialists for Wellness & SPA projects.

If all of the above is not included in the project planning, then the project is unlikely to produce the desired result.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the conceptual design and project planning of spa facilities all over the Europe, we can guarantee we will find the ideal strategy for your project.

wellness project planning

Wellness project planning

The road to successful Wellness planning…

wellness concept planning

Strategic and innovative SPA & Wellness concept

Defining and developing a strategic concept is one of the most important stages of successful Wellness project, finally. Therefore, an outstanding spa philosophy is the basis for the success of your SPA in the long term.

Certainly, that is why duringĀ  planning we give all our effort and knowledge to make the final result as a professional solution. Our goal is to develop innovative, profitable, functional and sustainable concept for the investor or operator.

Interior Architecture

This is one of the last stages of Wellness project planning, also incredibly important. Interior design has a significant impact on your spa’s rating. Modern and innovative designed spa centers attract better-paying guests and elevate the reputation of the entire hotel. That is why it is even more important for your spa to be designed by top design architects by the latest trends.

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